by : gemela zuniga

Family is like umbrella which exist to protect you when the rain is coming and summer is arriving. What do you think about family ? what do you feel when you always together with them ? what do you think about mother, father and also your brothers and sisters ? Let’s continue more about this topic.

A lot of opinions said family is the best part of their  life. They are important and accept you as you are. As a student who is living in dormitory, I’m the one who is far from my family. we need more support and loving, to be able do many activities in dormitory and school. To make us enjoy and don’t feel homesick. And house is taking part and make it.

Anyway, in my school in SMAN SUMSEL SAMPOERNA ACADEMY. We have nine houses. Dolphin, Dove, Eagle, Hornbill, Komodo, Lion, Manta ray, Rhino And Shark. We have different characteristics each houses. But the important things that always we apply are sharing and caring each others. Laughing and loving. Feel the same feeling. And free for believing. You can call them as mother, or father even beloved sisters and brothers. We got many stories and experiences from them to know each others, because we came from any different places.

“we feel angry because we want they know, this is the real love to them” said Gemela Zuniga, A student of SMAN SUMSEL SAMPOERNA ACADEMY. Critics, suggestion and many opinions is the best way to making solid house and the real meaning of family. To make them feel the situations and comfortable things which is same with family in their home. So, you ‘re the one who can feel and answer, how influence and important their role for your life to make your life is being a best rainbow and a picture that you always remember wherever you go? Because bitter coffer will become sweet if you and your happy ever after always take part in love.

“you are the reason. When they answer any question.”


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