by :  gemela zuniga

dear, korean lovers..
do you still remember banmal song? this memorable moment, when they made this video for 9 times failure? but, finally they were complete each other ad his video made me touched until now…
or another best memorable moment? first met, when they were still shy, and seo-hyun asked to yong-hwa, “what is first love?” It was shocking me..
and they bought couple socks, cup and ring. And yong-hwa was shocking when he lost his ring in a concert. and when was in japan, suddenly soe-hyun, felt cold and put her hand in yng-hwa’s hand, and it was romantic thing that soe-hyun gave to yong-hwa. or saddest part, when was 200th days for this couple, and soe-hyun pretended, she didn’t know about it, and yong-hwa has prepared all. or when they made kimchi, and it was salty. and when they glanced each other, held hand each other, laugh together, walked together, being weird together, and it was happen when they tried to take many sweet potatoes and they gave up together, and other moment, they do all together, when they don’t passed  to have their SIM 😀
And finally, yong-hwa kissed his wife, seo-hyun. And it was the saddest time for last day to being together. after took wedding picture. it was ROMANTIC COUPLE… I CAN’T FORGET AND I WILL MISS IT VERY MUCH… HOPE THEY WILL BE TOGETHER AGAIN EVER AND EVER..HOPE THERE WILL BE THE DRAMA ABOUT THEM..
enjoy this video guys, let your tears go down :’)


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